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Enterprise introduction


Shanghai Zenlees Network Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in many fields such as daily chemicals, electronic battery materials, special industrial lubrication and sealing materials, oilfield chemistry, special additive catalyst, special paper, textile coating and leather chemistry, pesticide medicine additive, paint ink, polymer materials, etc., and serves customers throughout battery and capacitor, oil, natural gas, mine, aviation, nutrition and health, medical treatment, pesticide fertilizers, coatings, inks, chemical synthesis and other industries, and is also the agent of world-renowned chemical building materials products and the provider of supporting solutions such as construction.

Since its establishment, based on the sales market in China and Southeast Asia, the company has offices in Shanghai, Jinan, Guangzhou and Chengdu, sales offices in Vietnam and Singapore, and procurement service offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is not only committed to giving full play to the advantages of global resources and local services, building a target market segment service platform, but also insist on providing customers with comprehensive solutions such as technical support and product matching. At present, it has established a good cooperation relationship with various chemical giants such as Evonik in Germany, Cytec in the United States, BASF in Germany, DOW in the United States and Bayer in Germany.

The company strives to be ahead of the industry. It pays attention to value appreciation, adhere to market-oriented and customer-centered development approaches. The team has a strong background in chemistry, as well as a strong predictability and pertinence in the sales field of fine chemicals and new product market expansion and application.

Adhering to the business concept of "profession, integrity, efficiency and meticulousness", the company adheres to the principle of "customer first" to provide high-quality services for the majority of customers.

Enterprise culture


Mind Identity

Core concept

Innovative ideas, quality services.

accomplishes you and I, contribute to the society.

Unlimited innovation, achieve the value.

Creative thinking, benefit employees, serve customers, dedicate society.


Enterprise mission

Creates value for customers; 

benefits for companies; 

creates the future for employees.


Enterprise service view

There's nothing we can't do

Customer satisfaction is the sole measure of our work.

People-oriented, quality first, service first, and pursuit of excellence.


Enterprise governance view

Everyone is their supervisor.

Details determine success or failure.


Enterprise style

Simpleness, reality, briefness and efficiency.

Innovation, tolerance, passion and happiness.

  • Core concept
  • Enterprise mission
  • Enterprise service view
  • Enterprise governance view
  • Enterprise style

Customer service


  • Careful pre-sale service

    Analyzing current customer issues

    Positioning customer needs

    Positioning solution products

    Optimizing options

  • Specialized on-market services

    Sample trial tracking

    Pilot production service technical guide

    Formal commercial manufacturing tracking

    Integrated process optimization scheme assembly

  • Efficient after-sales service

    Customer demand forecast

    Customer security account security

    Customer technical complaint resolution

    Customer after sale up- and downstream support

  • Regular callback service

    Industry market communication

    Upstream and downstream trend exchange in the industry

    Technical epidemic trend exchange in the industry

    Service satisfaction 360 survey

Quality assurance

Quality assurance