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Recruitment list

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Technical Sales Engineer Work location: Shanghai +-

Position requirements:

1. Being responsible for the sales and promotion of the existing products of the company;

2. Completing the department sales indicators according to the company's sales plan;

3. Developing and mining the application of the company's existing products in new markets, developing new customers, and increasing the scope of product sales;

4. Being responsible for the collection of market dynamic information within its jurisdiction, and being able to summarize and give corresponding analysis and actions;

5. Being responsible for the planning and implementation of sales activities in the sales region and completing sales tasks;

6. Managing and maintaining customers, promoting long-term good interaction between companies and customers, and deepening efforts to expand business types and sales amounts.


1. Junior College degree or above (chemical industry related specialties are preferred);

2. Fluent English reading and writing is preferred;

3. Having more than 1-2 years of working experience in the chemical sales industry is preferred;

4. Agile response, strong expression ability, strong communication ability and communication skills, and affinity;

5. Having certain market analysis and judgment ability and good customer service awareness;

6. Having a sense of responsibility and dare to challenge the kinetic energy of courageously giving fruitful incentives;

7. Having the spirit of teamwork and being good at learning;

8. Being able to adapt to business trips;

9. Driver's license is preferred.

Financial Assistant Work location: Shanghai +-

Position requirements:

1. Having a serious and responsible attitude towards work, being able to obey leadership arrangements, and having strong coordination and communication ability;

2. Being skilled in using office software such as Word, Excel, PPT and Photoshop as well as office equipment such as printers and fax machines, and be skilled in using Kingdee K3 software;

3. Having good written expression ability, interpersonal communication ability and standardized service skills;

4. Having a strong sense of responsibility, career, excellent communication ability, patience, care, and rigorous logical thinking ability.


1. Invoice issuance;

2. Accepted and payable system entry;

3. Checking purchase, sales and storage records;

4. Sorting out reimbursement voucher records;

5. Sorting out relevant financial data and statements according to the requirements of the financial manager.

Clerk, Assistant Work location: Shanghai +-

Position requirements:

1. Having cheerful personality, enthusiasm for others, integrity, strong sense of responsibility, good language expression ability, communication skills and team spirit;

2. Strong affinity and infectivity, strong awareness of active learning, and good awareness of service;

3. Being able to skillfully use OFFICE office software;

4. Having basic English ability;

5. Having a college degree or above, and having priority in accounting, secretarial affairs and international trade;

6. Age under 35 years is preferred.


1. Assist the sales manager in completing: quote, contract, delivery note, tracking of goods, and inventory management and verification;

2. Sorting of documents;

3. Completing administrative affairs arranged by superior leaders;

4. Assisting superior leaders in sorting out daily sales data and arranging meeting affairs, reception and other work.