CN 1688 Mall

Financial Assistant

Position requirements:

1. Having a serious and responsible attitude towards work, being able to obey leadership arrangements, and having strong coordination and communication ability;

2. Being skilled in using office software such as Word, Excel, PPT and Photoshop as well as office equipment such as printers and fax machines, and be skilled in using Kingdee K3 software;

3. Having good written expression ability, interpersonal communication ability and standardized service skills;

4. Having a strong sense of responsibility, career, excellent communication ability, patience, care, and rigorous logical thinking ability.


1. Invoice issuance;

2. Accepted and payable system entry;

3. Checking purchase, sales and storage records;

4. Sorting out reimbursement voucher records;

5. Sorting out relevant financial data and statements according to the requirements of the financial manager.